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"I really enjoyed this sci-fi book, what an interesting character and life. I kept getting surprised and can't wait for the next book in the series" ... Marco

"Interesting premise, kept my interest till the end, nice character and plot twists" ... Chris

Amazon Review 5.0 out of 5 stars An exciting book December 2, 2012

I do not want to spoil anything about the book in this review, so as far as story, I will just say it is really good and hard to estimate where it will go. Alien Ascension has really good character development when you consider that it is a fairly short book.

It is well written, there were no typos or grammatical errors that I noticed while reading it. It is a great book to go through when you have about thirty minutes or so to yourself. Any fans of alien and sci-fi books will really like this one.  J. Boxer